Love the Children of Rochester, Inc.

Korean adoption parent support group


Love the Children of Rochester is organized primarily to reach out and connect Korean adoptive families and adoptees, to sponsor cultural education programs for our members, and to respond to the needs of children of Korean heritage.

In conjunction with Adoption Bug, Love the Children of Rochester (LTCR) is continuing to offer adoption t-shirts. A portion of each purchase goes back to LTCR, in order to help us fund future events and projects.  Thank you to those who have already ordered.  So far we have raised nearly $400. Shirts can still be purchased in adult and children's sizes. We are offering 3 designs. Adoption T-shirts make great gifts.  To order visit our Adoption Bug store.

 LTCR is now is now an approved United Way not for profit. Thank you to everyone who contributed to LTCR through United Way.  We raised almost $4,500 for future events and programs.  Our number is 2568.

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